Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"drippy streets caught me believin'"


Don't worry, I'm not too sad. It's raining and sleeting outside (the janitor called it "ice rain"), possible snow flurries but probably just ice. It got cold last night and I had gone to bed early, after an impossibly hot shower that turned my whole body bright red, that stung until the water felt cold again and my limbs tingled. I forgot to turn the heat on, woke up at 4am-ish, freezing. Grabbed a blanket off the floor, a blessing of my inability to fold laundry, and threw it over the bedcovers, then snuggled back under with Marla on my head.

Blastedly long day, but filled with plan making, too many plans maybe: a going away party, seeing 2 friends, a pub crawl, a bar. Trying to coalesce, but Friday may be a long drunk evening. Drove my carless co-worker home. She told me once that I made her day better and she cheers me up too. Home late and the neighbors wanted me to come drink but I have so much Althusser to read, BUT I want ice cream so badly, because that's what semi-sad single girls with cats do. Debated with myself on the merits of ice cream and decided "fuck it." Argyle socks with pajama pants and chucks, wearing the blanket-coat (aka, the Bloat), rolling up in Whole Foods (best B&J selection in the area), humming "Major Label Debut" to myself. I've always thought the chorus was "now I'm all/fucked/up" but it's ACTUALLY "hooked up," which I don't like as much.

Briefly considered buying vegetables to offset suspicious and obvious ice cream purchases but I have veggies at home, so I embraced the crazed, pajama-wearing ice cream buying look and strolled over to frozen foods, laughing under my breath at the image presented. 2 for $6 special on ice cream, because of course there's a sale when it's cold out. Checking out, the cashier lady laughed and said, "I always want ice cream when it's cold too. We both crazy, huh?" I agreed, because really, how was I going to say otherwise?

Home drive, listening to Thanassis Cambanis talking about Mubarack and Egyptian/Israeli relations and being somewhat unsettled at the focus on Israel in the interview (though, admittedly, missed part of it) when ought we not to be talking about about the Egyptian people?

Eating ice cream, Marla on pillow and some kidney bean and spinach stew defrosting in the sink. I hope I don't feel awful later. I lost 4 pounds...yesterday (@ Ann- after "gaining" back 3 from my initial 4 lb. loss...I think the 3 were water/bloat). Oh body, what the fuck? Putting the ice cream away now, before this gets out of hand. Back to ideological state apparatuses.


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