Saturday, February 5, 2011


There's a fair amount of Bad Stuff going on in my life right now. In an effort to keep that stuff on the back burner of my mind, here are my favorite things that have happened in the last few days:
-Lunch/margaritas with my mom
-Drinking, massages and pillow forts with Christie and (later) Travis
-Rocko's Modern Life at 4am
-Losing enough weight to legitimately have gone down a pant size (and buying jeans that actually fit!)
-Susan's birthday party and a bunch of people yelling "YEE HAW!" at a steakhouse
-Getting actual work accomplished on my prospectus.working bibliography for my independent study research paper, which I'm using as a research opportunity for my thesis. Additionally, firming up what I'm planning to do my thesis on.
-Cold weather (I like it, even though S. LA thinks it calls for a shutdown of all systems)
-Alone time at Highland Coffees

I keep debating the merits of writing in detail what the aforementioned Bad Stuff is. Most who read this already know, but I might elaborate for my own catharsis. In the meantime, trying to focus on the good.

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