Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"and you all want the lovely music to save your lives"

broken social scene done broke my mind.

I saw them at Pitchfork this past summer and I ALMOST didn't go to this show because I couldn't find parking at Tipitina's and the Will Call line was forever long. And some girl offered me $40 for my ticket. But I went for it and I'm so so glad. I haven't been that thrilled at a show in a very long time. I couldn't meet up with my friends so I ended up making some new ones with some dudes, when we bonded over some self-entitled bitches trying to scoot in on our space. We danced and sang and shouted song requests until we were hoarse.

When I saw BSS over the summer, they mostly played all new songs, plus "Cause = Time," "Fire Eye'd Boy," "Superconnected," and "7/4 Shoreline." They played all those this time too (Kevin Drew changed the lyrics on "Superconnected" to "and I love the darkness/it's what happened to me/I was talking about things/I could not believe" to "and I love forgiveness/it's what happened to me/I am talking about things/that I still believe."), but they added in "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" (I think I lost my voice screaming in glee when that happened), "Lover's Spit," "Stars and Sons" "Looks Just Like the Sun" (I was pretty surprised at how much they played off of You Forget It In People, actually), pretty much the entire Forgiveness Rock Record and, as an encore, they did "It's All Gonna Break" (which caused an immense dance party) and closed with an acoustic version of "Major Label Debut." They went over their time by almost 40 minutes and even though I've been up since 6:30 this morning, I was running on exhilaration.

amazing fucking show.

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