Sunday, March 27, 2011

days of the week

These are the items on my calendar from the last week:
-St. Patrick's Day Parade: BR (bike riding)
-FroYo w/ Christie & Blair
-Studying w/ Blair @ Highland
-Mark Twain CT Yankee Discussion
-Ice Cream/Drinks w/ Blair
-GET "BODIES THAT MATTER" from bookstore (thanks Maple Street Bookstore!)
-Butler: Gender Trouble, Bodies That Matter, Excitable Speech excerpts/ PROSPECTUS and BIBLIO DUE.
-Drinks w/ Eric @ Cooter Brown's
-James Buchanan party w/ Shelby
-Drinks/Feufollet @ Blue Nile
-Brunch w/ Nancy @ Oak St. Cafe
-Daiquiris w/ Taylor
-Drinks w/ Shelby + others @ Balcony Bar
-Write GoodNola article
-Chinese w/ Shelby, Taylor and Sara

I got referred to as a regular at Z'otz. Plans are in the making for hiking, camping trips and beach trips. I spent 2 hours on a blanket in my yard on Saturday. It's been good times round these parts. Some pics:

Shelby and I at the celebration of the 150th anniversary of President James Buchanan's (background) inauguration.

In the Marigny, post-ball, drinking whiskey. I emailed this photo to my parents with the following note:
"Just wanted to let you know that your daughter drinks whiskey on street corners in her old prom dress :) Promise I'm doing well! <3

My dad wrote back:
"Dammit Mandi, you better behave."

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