Friday, March 11, 2011

connect the dotz

I'm at Z'OTZ for the 4th time this week. I've been to Z'OTZ a number of times before this, for the cheapo iced coffee, but I'd never stayed and sat. Once I did, on Lundi Gras, I kind of fell in love and I've been here every night this week except Mardi Gras. I still love the Rue, but Z'OTZ feels more communal. It's a warm little place and I chatted with the barista about The Pogues and shitty tippers while she made my coffee, which is something that wouldn't happen to me at Rue. Plus, back patio.

I've been playing catch up this week. Paid a bunch of bills, allotted finances, read a bunch of school work. Made some plans--drinks at The Saint, bowling, some shows, some hanging out, a potluck. I've also been riding my bike almost everywhere, partly because of the excellent weather and partly because I had a very low tire on my car. Which leads me to...

...found an excellent new panhandling scheme: hanging out at the Air/Vacuum pumps at gas stations. They know you have change! You can't pull the whole "just got a credit card on me" thing. I drove with fingers crossed to work today (the tire was puddling) and then, after, went to 3 gas stations before finding an air pump that didn't have a few bums around it. So I pull in, start filling my tire with air and feel someone pulling the hose out for me. I guess the bum for that station had briefly abandoned post but hurried back. Afterward, he kind of gave me an expectant look, so I waved and drove off. And now I feel like an asshole, so I'm going to donate to a homeless shelter.

On Ash Wednesday, I went to Mass with Alyson and we got ashes. I haven't been to Mass in 2 years and I haven't been to an AW mass since I was...18? Lately, I've been toying with the idea of revisiting church. I don't really know why...there are some pretty solid reasons I left Catholic church and frankly, I still question exactly what my spiritual beliefs are. But I figured it wasn't going to do any harm to indulge that curiosity and it didn't. It was nice to go through the motions, to hear a good homily, to be there with Alyson and to get ashes that symbolize clearing out the old and nurturing the new and good. That's a message I can get behind.

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