Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Friday evening, Alyson and I had what was supposed to be a quick dinner at Mona's, that ended up being an intense 2 hour conversation. I went to Z'OTZ afterward and later, she met me there and we cleaned up our Facebook friends lists (I'm forever deleting people that I no longer interact with) and laughed at how silly we were to spend Friday night surfing our Facebooks in a coffeeshop. I really value her friendship and the fact that I've been able to make and keep that kind of connection with someone. We're both sort of insane, but we throw our crazy together and, somehow, it works.

Saturday, I biked to Whole Foods and back. It was 6 miles (I went the long, safer, less pothole-studded route), the longest bike ride I've taken in New Orleans. It was pretty invigorating. I did another 2.5 miles later that evening. Did some more z'otzing, before bowling with Alyson and a bunch of people I'd never met before. Actually had fun! Got hit on by a lawyer, ignored it because I don't know how to respond to flirtation unless I'm lit, was teased by Alyson.

Sunday? I had plans to do a lot but I woke up, laid in bed, washed my hair, took a nap. Had a long and productive conversation with Ravi about my tendency to be incredibly negative when I'm sad (and about my sex life, which was weird but liberating) and then hung out with my drunk neighbors. S made us dinner, we all drank beer and had a singalong and we planned to try and have a block party around Cinco De Mayo.

Today, I was tired. Bone deep exhaustion that hit me so hard that I was quivering in class until Alyson reminded me that a PJ's was across the quad. Some coffee and a croissant helped. I came home and tried to not eat, after the croissant but I ended up scarfing protein in a weird way: veggie burger patty, topped with sauteed red onion, cheese, jalapenos and a poached egg, with a side of ketchup. It was amazing. I had a fingerful of nutella for dessert.

I'm Southern. Happiness in food terms, meal break downs.

an Apollinaire poem!

The Gypsy (La tzigane)

The gypsy knew in advance
Our two lives star-crossed by night
We said farewell to her and then
from that deep well Hope began

Love heavy a performing bear
Danced upright when we wanted
And the blue bird lost his plumes
And the beggars lost their Ave

We knew quite well that we were damned
But hope of love in the street
Made us think hand in hand
Of what the Gypsy did foresee

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