Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mardi gras 2011

-Drove into Baton Rouge, met Nelson and Christie at Red Star.
-Ate Taco Bell at 2:00am with Christie
-Drink count: 2 whiskeys

-Rain + Spanish Town parade
-Text from Kimberly: “BR is under tornado watch. Are you still doing Spanish Town?” Me: “I NEVER MISS SPANISH TOWN.”
-Ross, Peter and Scott meetup. Hounddogs for pool and more drinking
-Found Nelson and took him wandering
-Foiled opportunity for crawfish
-Georges for sandwiches and beer + The Goonies on ABC Family
-Nap at Blair and Peter’s apartment before drive home to NOLA
-Grocery shopping with Nelson at 11:30
-Meet up with Alyson and Cain at Pal’s
-Move party to Mid-City Yacht Club
-Watched weird Girls Gone Wild-esque videos at the bar until 3:30am
-Drink count: 2 Abita Strawberry Harvest, 12 oz. cup of vodka soaked gummy bears, Jello shot, Blood Mary, vodka + Gatorade, High Life, Sangria, Abita Amber

-Woke up at 9am to make king cakes
-Made 2 delicious Nutella cream cheese-filled cakes
-Peter arrived in NOLA
-Vodka + Gatorade
-Ridiculous driving escapades. Almost-wreck count: 7
-Parking on Danneel and Josephine after an hour of driving around. Assisted by group of people who asked us for some kush
-Unexpected Krewe of Thoth
-Box of Wine parade
-Wine consumed out of fake manbreasts
-Meetup with Eric
-Safety Gras rules outlined
-Missed most of Chewbacchus waiting in bathroom line at Igor’s
-Followed end of Chewbacchus with band playing the Imperial March and us playing air guitar
-Lots of wandering, trying to find people/a party, catching beads
-Miles and miles of walking around uptown
-Crawling in someone’s hedge to pee
-Shady Kwicky Mart experience where someone tried to sell me some coke
-Delachaise for fish and chips, chalkboard falling on Peter’s head, free food, random gay guy telling Peter and I that we were meant for each other, watching Endymion from windows before deciding to go outside
-20 pound bag of beads flying at my head. Girl tries to take them before telling me, “Well if you REALLY want them, you can just have them.”Me: “I mean, I kind of do.”
-Peter and I victoriously lugging beads 19 blocks back to car
-Mimi’s and meeting up with Eddie + Jason after they walked from the Convention Center to the Marigny
-Calling 911 for an awful wreck and being put on hold; finding Eddie’s car
-Drink Count: vodka + Gatorade, 2 High Lifes, Restoration Ale

-Nelson back to Arkansas, Eddie and Jason back to BR
-Little Tokyo with Peter
-Christie and Blair arrive
-Neighbors’ friend shows up with 2 black eyes and can’t find people. Drama ensues
-Walk to Z’OTZ for iced coffee
-Drama continues to ensue, 6 phone calls from neighbors
-Walk home; drama ends
-Eddie and Ross arrive
-Scrambled eggs for Blair
-Eric arrives/leaves
-Pal’s for air hockey, free food, drinking, finding and friending another Mandi, new nicknames
-Mimi’s again for pool, brass band dancing, potatoes, Blair being hilariously lewd
-Marigny singalong
-Bob’s house
-Leaving Blair and Ross to party while me + Christie + Peter +Eddie went home, scrambled more eggs, ate leftover noodles and went to sleep
-Drink count: vodka + orange juice, High Life, 2 gingeritas, ½ NOLA Hopitoulas

-Blair and Ross arrive back at 9am
-Miss all parades due to sleeping
-Rouse everyone to go party, get grumbled at
-Bud’s Broiler for burgin’
-Food coma, everyone sleeps on floor
-Blair leaves
-Cooter Brown’s for Eric meetup, beers, oysters
-Chatted, ate, drank outside while it rained
-Tentative plans for Spring Break beach camping trip
-Hugs, kisses, everyone goes home
-Glorious, glorious sleep
-Drink count: 2 Abita Ambers

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