Saturday, November 27, 2010

whisper in my ear

I've been half considering starting some sort of blog/tumblr/twitter/socialmediajumbliation to give short accounts of weird things that have been said/have happened to me in amorous situations. This probably won't come to fruition because I tend to have a bad case of posting remorse and a well-honed sense of guilt when it comes to posting potentially hurtful things about people.

In lieu, here's my current favorite thing that's been said to me (during a make out session):
"What ethnicity are you?"

It was actually kind of flattering, in context but I like it as a stand-alone comment.

Unrelated: I have a bad habit of vaguely looking up and half-smiling when I notice people in my periphery. I say bad habit because, while polite, it more often than not leads to me making inappropriate eye contact. In the last hour, I've been winked at and gotten an incredulous look. Last week at work, I caught a guy scratching his crotch. We were both mortified.

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