Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I forgot to publish this post when I first wrote it. It's now dated, but I like it.

I really enjoy the little routine I have set up for myself in the last couple of months. Oh man, I've lived here for multiple months! Of all my routines, I like my nighttime one best of all--I turn off the window unit in the living room and wake Marla on the couch. "Come on, bearcat! Time for bed!" Marla wakes and stands, waiting as I go to the bathroom to take my birth control. Once I gather my things to bring to the bedroom (normally a book and my phone, sometimes the laptop), she jumps off the couch and trots to the bedroom. If I'm going straight to sleep, I'll get comfortable and prepare a pillow lengthways beside me for her to lie on. She's a great companion. Lately, I've had a semi-irrational fear that she will pass away (she is approx. 9 years old, so my fears aren't totally unfounded), so I've taken extra care to snuggle her. I want to bring her to the vet soon, just to assuage my worries.

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