Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm the kinda that you wanna

I've been in one of those paradoxical moods, where I am craving to be alone but also want to be around certain people. Because of school, being alone has won out. It hasn't been that bad though. I spent yesterday napping and going to the library. Today, after a hellish night due to a slight fever and the cats, I woke up and washed a blanket that a cat angrily peed on, before baking some bourbon-spiked banana nut bread to bring to work for breakfast this week. It came out really nicely.

I decided to walk to the library but when I stepped outside, I wanted some coffee so I walked down to Rue. Unfortunately, they were really packed, so I just turned and left and went to the library as originally planned. I read some Bersani and took some notes for awhile. Eventually, I started getting hungry and, not wanting to let things get too out of hand when I had 18 blocks to walk home, I left. I got my car and went to Rouses', where I walked around for a little while. One of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling particularly stressed is to wander around the grocery store. It's incredibly soothing to me for some reason. I ended up buying 2 apples (one of which I roasted with some cauliflower for dinner), a jar of Stubb's BBQ sauce, a loaf of bread, some grapefruit juice and a jug of sweet tea.

I think I've been kind of a weirdo lately, really inside my own head and indulging all my introvert behaviors (see: long walks, rambling grocery store jaunts, long out-of-the-way drives, going through old photos) but I've also been happy with myself. Sometimes, I like being the crazy cat lady.

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