Saturday, July 2, 2011

what a wonderful world

Things I did today:
Knelt in a bathtub and cleaned feces off of a trembling 8 week old kitten I was fostering (more later)
Rushed to the vet
Rushed to the animal emergency hospital
Had tearful, but pragmatic conversation with doctor
Held 8 week old kitten while she was put to sleep
Cried profusely
Hung out in a gas station parking lot in Old Metairie and drank an icee while waiting for my radiator to cool down after it started spraying antifreeze
Locked my keys in my car
Had a beer and a burger on the patio at G B's while reading a book and trying to calm down
Levee with Alyson and Otis and lots of other dogs
Banks St. Bar w/ Eric
Snuggling with Marla/crying

Tomorrow, please be better. If you are worse, I probably won't be on this earth much longer.

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