Friday, July 22, 2011


Today, I'm so full of energy that I almost feel crackly. When work ends, I'm going take a run. And then I'm going get Ravi from the airport (he's in for a very brief visit) and we're going drink (more drinking!)

Other things I want to do soon:
Go to the farmer's market (and pay the food co-op!).
Go volunteer at ARNO.
Adopt a cat (I've hit a snag with that but I'm working on it. Potential cat names: Leon Trotsky, Quimby, Frank).
Bake a dusty pink cake (this weird bit of inspiration comes from a combo of this hair post and this cake post).
Make watermelon-vodka granitas.
Make watermelon rind pickles.
Make a pitcher of sidecars (can one make a PITCHER of sidecars? I aim to find out).
Never stop using paratheticals.
Have a fancy dress party! I think a summer one would be so much fun. We'll see.
Go for a bunch more bike rides. My soul was craving a bike, y'all. I almost cried when I took this one out for our first ride.

So basically, I want to drink a lot, ride my bike, wear dresses, cavort and eat.

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