Thursday, July 7, 2011

hat's a keeper

Convos with Moum:
Me: So I bought this gorgeous white, silk, beaded, tiered, BCBG skirt...for $9.
Moum: That sounds beautiful! Where will you wear it?
Me: There's a Running of the Bulls thing this weekend and you're supposed to wear white and red, so I think I'll wear it with a black tank top and a red scarf in my hair.
Moum: That sounds really pretty. Do you know how to do a turban knot?
Me: Yeah but actually, funny you should say that, because I just bought a turban today!
Moum: From where?! I was looking at them on Anthropologie and they were almost $200!
Me: No, this was $25.
Moum: Well good. I might buy a couple.
Me: Only we would be shopping for turbans on the same day.
Moum: Mother-daughter turban bonding.


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