Wednesday, January 19, 2011

where the wild things are

me: I may have found a solution for nancy's fire-eating, aerialst at my wedding needs
the Big Top rents their space out for large parties
but they do not specifically mention weddings so I don't know
D*: the big top?
what is that?
me: this
a circus wedding
that would be pretty fucking amazing
D: yeah
so completely indie, though
not sure i could be associated with it
me: I'm just working within nancy-dictated guidelines
oh come on
D: I might just have to send a gift and my deepest apologies
me: you wouldn't attend your best friend's wedding because it might damage your cred?
D: listen
I wouldn't expect an english major to understand this
me: preemptively, fuck you.
D: but credibility is difficult to accrue and can vanish in an instant
I really think you should've waited for the punchline on that one
me: nah

me: I'm sure you'd look dashing in a top hat
D: babydoll
I look dashing in anything
me: hahahahahaa
oh D
D: there'd be no way you wouldn't fuck me if I rolled up in a top hat

*Babydoll, honeysuckle, sweetcheeks, while I love the fact that I have managed to crack into your blog at least one more time,let's let me go by the nom de geurre of "D." I would also accept "The future father of my illegitimate babies, who I will sucker someone else into providing for, since I cannot possibly impinge upon his freedom".

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