Sunday, January 2, 2011

"And so today/my world it smiles/your hand in mine/we walk the miles"

This weekend has been kind of a shitty one for me, emotionally. I don't want to really go into it, because it doesn't really make sense when I type it out and I've already gone into it enough, but if anything good came out of this weekend, it was a huge reminder of how amazing my friends are.

Ravi listened to a lot of my bullshit that he's really not obliged to. Erin and I had some long talks and she told me, "next time you want to text ____, text me instead." Alyson has been a champ--we spent NYE together, drinking at Pascal Menale's, watching fireworks together from the side of Carrollton and eating pancakes at 1am. She and I have been leaning on one another quite a bit lately and though we sway a bit, we tend to balance one another out. Christie and I text back and forth and, last night, she and Ross sent me a video from Oklahoma to tell me how much they love me. Michael took me out dancing, because we were both in shitty moods. T, K & T let me stay over at their house and I spent most of today in bed there, sleeping and watching movies. Nancy posted this on FB:
"'you are my non-lesbian girlfriend. I love you. I remember when I first saw you too. It was like..the same day and I remember thinking you were really nice and then you asked if our group could be called "Marlon Brando" and I thought you were so cool.'

I heart me some Mandi"
(part of a message I sent her a few years ago, when we were talking about how we first met in theater class)

I've been so busy being hurt by a handful of people not caring about me that I forget to take into account the opinions of those who do, who care enough to go out of their way to help me and let me know they love me. It's hard to feel empty with people like that around. It's hard not to burst.

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