Friday, August 6, 2010

ain't no BUSINESS

me: this may be dumb because I've basically already asked it
ann: shoot
me: but, okay, the water...did you have to go down there?
ann: i did
they didn't have an online system yet
me: I'm just not sure what exactly I need to do because I don't really have proof of address
ann: so i don't know what the story is
me: besides my lease, I guess
ann: you have your lease
me: yeah
I'll just bring that
so just do that and be like "turn my waters on bitches?"
ann: yes
it really was easy
you have to wait in a line but it iddn't ake long
bring your checkbook
i think i had to pay a deposit
not much
actualy i don't remember
me: cool

me: I'm looking at the website again
I ended up getting busy last time
so I'm doing that now
ann: it really looks like you just need to show up
me: yup, apply in person
ann: i wish they said when they wer eopen
you could call them
me: I think I will

me: wheeeee
I'm on hold!
ann: haha
me: moving= dumb.
ann: trueeee that

me: they might do it on the phone!
ann: OOH
me: i just had to spell our last names 4 times
this lady is SO NICE
ann: hahahahha
me: she's like "ma'am I'ma bout to try to open this over the phone because ain't no business in not having water in august":
truer words never spoken
ann: HAHA
please blog that
me: hahaha will do

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