Tuesday, December 21, 2010

moon phase

I don't really buy into astrology. I'm not totally dismissive of it, but I'm not someone who checks their horoscope every morning, who dates only within astrologically-prescribed circles, etc. That said, I do believe in the power of coincidence.

About two weeks ago, I started thinking about what book I wanted to read for December and decided to finally read Revolutionary Road. I pulled it from my bookshelf, tossed it on the coffee table and promptly became engrossed in finishing finals. A week later, the person who gave me that book (AA) commented on friend's (MH) FB post, after I hadn't seen any comments from either in awhile (AA and I are not friends on FB anymore, which made it stand out even more to me when I saw his name on my feed.) The next night, I had an incredibly vivid dream about AA, in which he was carrying me on his back through the French Quarter and I pressed my cheek against his, my hair blowing in my eyes and yelled, "I've missed you!!!" and he said "Where have you been?!"

Tonight, after much cajoling from friends and the internet, I decided to stay up and watch the lunar eclipse, in part because I always miss these astronomical events that will never occur in my lifetime (Halley's Comet came to mind, but that actually happened in 1986, when I wasn't even one yet, so it's not like I'd remember it anyway) and because I think it'll be interesting to see. And I get to go into work late tomorrow because I have overtime. So I decided to finally start reading Revolutionary Road while I wait for 2:17 am to roll around. I opened the book, intentionally flipping past the inscription I knew was in the front cover because I didn't want it to depress me. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I flipped back to remind myself what it said.

Your friendship, like a full moon, burns with light.

Who would have known that someone who thought I was intimidating would now be such a good friend. I don't know if you will ever know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. This book is a very small token of my gratitude.

Love Sincerely,


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