Sunday, April 18, 2010

what a pill.

Medication, Rx and non, that I have taken since the beginning of April:
Birth control- 1/daily
Byetta- 2/daily
Metformin- 2/daily
Spironolactone- 1/daily
B12- 1/daily
Acidophilus- 1/daily
Halcion- one. only one. (April 9)
Keflex- 30 (April 8-11)
Percocet- 20 (April 9-present)
Ibprofun- approx. 30 (April 10-present)
Tylanol- approx. 15 (April 12-present)
Diflucan- 4 (April 11, 12, 17, 18)
Penicillin- 3 (April 18)
Calcium supplement- 1

I feel like an old lady, my purse bulging with bottles of medication. I also have a wrist brace, but no sense in being dramatic about things.

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