Tuesday, April 13, 2010

leaving, goodbye

I recently had my wisdom teeth out. It has been unpleasant, but not overly so. Just lots of languishing on the couch with cats and painkillers. I am toughing it out at work.

E was just offered a job in Chicago today. It's one she's been working toward for awhile and I'm very excited for her. However, it sunk in as I drove home that she and R will both be leaving me in May. I felt pretty dark about that and began doing that thing where I stare off into space and sing along with snatches of songs and tap on the steering wheel in an effort to seem unconcerned, to keep myself from thinking about not thinking about it.

The other thing that has gradually become clear to me is that, the more I think on it, the more I think I would rather live in New Orleans than even bother continuing my application for University of Chicago. UChi is a better school than Tulane, with a more rigorous program and better classes overall...but there's still that nagging feeling that I want to live in New Orleans. A part of me thinks that's just my mind trying to talk me out of change. That could very well be, but I also can't ignore how strongly I feel drawn toward New Orleans, how much more the idea of living there excites me.

So far, I have bought plates, a can opener, two different types of vegetable peeler and a french press. I am preparing.

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