Thursday, April 15, 2010


I went ahead and registered for classes at Tulane. I did night classes, so I can work, though I'm a little worried about that because I don't want to get a job with the idea that I'll always have night classes. I suppose I'll deal with that when it happens. For now, I would like to build up some savings and working full time is a big part of that.

I wish I could feel more excited about this step. I think part of it is my own self-sabotage-- I won't let go of the Chicago thing, partly just because I feel guilty about not pursuing it more. Until I do that (or up and decide to move to Chitown), it will be difficult for me to get into the idea of living in New Orleans. Logically, I KNOW that, but it's still something I need to get over in my mind.

I've been making lofty plans for this summer, plans I might actually fulfill since my closest friends will be gone. I'd like to finally finish up those correspondence courses I started forever ago in an attempt to raise my GPA. I want to study for and take at least the regular GRE, if not the Lit. one. I'd like to make at least one object of clothing for myself and perhaps a piece of jewelry. I miss utilizing myself. I used to be crafty and poetic and I have gotten so lazy. I am planning to force myself out of this by getting my camera, taking a very good black and white photo and then making it into a background for a clock I plan to make for my new apartment. In New Orleans. After I find a job. And an apartment.

Oh, for what it's worth:
-Fundamentals of Literary Theory
-Rhetoric in Western Societies
-Love, Romance and Marriage in Literature and Film

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