Thursday, August 1, 2013

101 in 1001- July update

So it begins--updates for the new list!

9) Watch one movie for each of AFI's 50 screen legends.
Note: I'm only counting movies I haven't seen before. I'm also only counting one movie per star, so "The Gay Divorcee" won't count for Fred AND Ginger
Bette Davis- Deception
Marilyn Monroe- Some Like It Hot
Fred Astaire- The Gay Divorcee

23) Ride bike to work at least two times a month.
July '13- XX

36) Can/preserve five foods.
1) Fig preserves
2) Yellow heirloom tomatoes

46) Get a new car.
This one got expedited when my Mazda decided to finally go for broke and blow out the engine and the radiator on the interstate. Nothing like having to get towed out of a blind curve on the interstate, 2 miles from your house. My mom gave me her Mercury and now everyone feels happy and safe. 

64) Redesign guest bathroom.
Richie actually surprised me by taking care of this one. He turned it into my bathroom. Now we look less like hoarders and you can walk in both bathrooms! 

Full list here

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