Monday, October 15, 2012

101 in 1001 July/August/September update

So, this got a little behind, no? Let's play catch up.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had been in kind of a mood slump, so I haven't done a whole lot lately in terms of goals. It's been more about hunkering down and doing small things to make myself feel better. Now that I'm feeling a little better, I'm also feeling more motivated. We'll see how it goes.

19) Read 1 unassigned book per month.
July '12- Poppy Z. Brite Liquor
August '12- Poppy Z. Brite Prime
September '12- Joan Didion The Year of Magical Thinking

23) See 26 movies I've never seen, starting with each letter of the alphabet.
K- Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) (September 2012)

24) Learn 1 new word a week.
(I'll get back to this one!)

55) Cook 10 challenging dishes from celebrated chefs.
2) Julia Child's Chocolate Mousse (July 2012)

94) Visit family graves once a year. (FAIL)
:( I just haven't been able to make it out to do this. Ah well.

96) Attend 10 cultural events.
9) "History of Prostitution in New Orleans" lecture

Full list here.   

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