Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes I'm reminded of how awesome the people in my life are and it's pretty hard to get down when you've got an iron clad support network. Over the last few days, I brought Blair to the airport so he can spend 2 months in France, moved most of his belongings out of his apartment, cleaned it, got a migraine, locked my keys in my car, had my phone die. But I also have an amazing boyfriend who has gone through great pains to make sure he can talk to me everyday, who tells me I'm beautiful and assures me of his adoration and respect. I have, in Christie, this wonderful friend who gives me free reign of her apartment, who doesn't make any demands of me and is willing to let me borrow her car and veg out on her couch and kvetch and then says we should go get sandwiches and coffee. I have friends who will call and invite me to hang out, friends who will help me try and break into my car and laugh at me when I rip the weather sealing open with a coat hanger. Parents who will drive across town to unlock my car when I call them and tell them I don't have enough money in my checking account to call Popalock. Friends who will drive over to bring me their phone chargers because mine is in my locked car, friends who will help me get my boyfriend's phone to him across the Atlantic. Friends who will apologize after being kind of jerky and offer to buy you dinner because they've upset you. Having people like that in my life makes me want to be as good to them as they are to me. After I'd moved Blair's stuff, cleaned his kitchen and vacuumed, I was scrubbing black marks off the wall with a magic eraser and my head was throbbing. I laid on the floor, my arm over my eyes, and thought about how much this sucked. Then I thought about how stressed Blair had been over trying to finish finals, get ready for France and move out, how much harder this would have been for him and I felt grateful that I was able to do him this kindness, that I could do something good for someone I love. So I got up and scrubbed some more before stumbling blearily downstairs, driving to Christie's and locking my keys in my car.

So despite my boyfriend being 5000 miles away, having about $20 in my checking account and a mountain of schoolwork, I'm happy. I'm going to try and start this Insanity workout tonight, making some chicken broth and bake a loaf of bread. I've been working on a meal plan to eat better in general, based on food pyramid guidelines. I'm working on thesis stuff. I'm working on not being stagnant.

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