Tuesday, May 10, 2011

101 in 1001- March/April update

I'm way behind on my updates, due to a pretty insane school schedule this past semester. Hopefully I'll be back on track for May.

18) Read 10 books from the Bloom Canon.
3) Mark Twain A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court April '11)
I've read much less Twain than I should have. Oh sure, I've read excerpts from Huck Finn, but the only Twain book I'd read in its entirety before this was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Connecticut Yankee was absolutely terrific--funny, biting and deadly serious at turns.

19) Read 1 unassigned book per month.
March '11-Terry Moore Strangers in Paradise, Vol. 2
April '11- Milan Kundera Slowness

I actually didn't finish reading SiP2 until mid-April and I've barely begun Slowness, but I'll be playing catch up this month!

24) Learn 1 new word a week.
Ruth- pity or compassion
Metalepsis- a figure of speech in which one thing is referred to by something else which is only remotely associated with it
Pellucid- clear in meaning, expression, or style
Gravamen- the part of an accusation that weighs most heavily against the accused; the substantial part of a charge or complaint
Aphanisis- denotes the disappearance of sexual desire
Jouissance- (French) denotes "pleasure" or "enjoyment."
The term has a sexual connotation (i.e., orgasm) lacking in the English word "enjoyment"
Abnegation- to refuse or deny oneself
Hale- free from disease or infirmity; robust; vigorous
Obdurate- unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings

26) Take all my medication exactly as directed for 2 months. (April '11)
This one was helped immensely by the fact that the amount of medication I have to take was drastically reduced (no more twice-daily injections! No more 2000 mg of pills!) but I still want to include it because thinking about this goal has helped me to remember to take things like my birth control (a good reminder when one is driving between cities every weekend and putting oneself in the line of pregnancy fire [yeah, I went there]).

31) Have a slumber party. (March 2011)
Over the Mardi Gras holiday, Christie, Ross, Blair, Peter and Eddie all stayed at my house. We stayed out 'til all hours of the night, ate noodles at 4am, slept in, ate Bud's on Mardi Gras day and took naps on the floor together. I think that counts as a sleepover. :D

85) Attend at least 1 music festival a year.
2011- Festival International (April 2011)

88) Go to all the major Mardi Gras parades.
Endymion (Mar. '11)
Thoth (Mar. '11)
Bacchus (Mar. '11)

94) Visit family graves once a year.
2010 (April '11)
(*reminder- I'm catagorizing a year here from July-July but "2010" is an easier designation)

96) Attend 10 cultural events
1) No Exit (from the Zombie Apocalypse)
2) Macbeth
I'm amending this entry because I realized I forgot to put No Exit when it happened back in December.

full list here

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