Sunday, March 28, 2010


I also wanted to write about the good of this day, to document it, but it doesn't fit in the other post, so I'll put it here.

Today, after my wail fest, I splashed some water on my face to try and make myself feel like I was Taking Care Of Things. I put on my favorite paisley dress, the one that makes me feel like I'm right out of the 60's with its smocked top and crazy print and it's just-a-few-inches-too-long billowy skirt and halter straps. I paired it with a cardigan, au natural hair (except for flat ironed bangs) and a generous streaking of black eyeliner and I got in the car and "Sun King came on my iPod and I felt pretty and warm and okay with myself for a little while. I ate chocolate peanut butter out of a paper cup as we shopped for groceries and we bought some brie and planned meals and came home and I cooked lentil soup and roasted vegetables, with harissa because I know he likes it and I hardly ever use it. We ate on the couch and the cats snuggled with us and it felt like everything was still okay.

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