Tuesday, May 8, 2012

spinning wheels

Hey, remember that time I was like "I'm going to revamp the blog and update way more often!" and then I updated two times in as many months? Hilarious! I promise, I'm getting to it. I've been putting off final touches on the new site and, as a result, have been avoiding updating the blog at all. Because, you know, that makes sense.

 April ended up being one of those months that was been really busy but produced few results. I feel like I haven't stopped at all, but I don't have many results to point to yet. May will be equally busy, but hopefully more fruitful. A few things that have been eating away at my time:

 -Graduations. In addition to my own graduation (which Tulane turned into A GIANT MESS...seriously guys, y'all lost my diploma forms, messed up my Golden Key registration, didn't notify me about Grad Fest, and failed to mention that I needed to do loan exit counseling until I called to specifically inquire about it. WHY?), it was finally assured that Alex would also be graduating. But he is a teenage boy and too lazy to send out his graduation invitations. Since I had all the addresses anyway and my mother has enough on her plate, I volunteered to work on the announcements. I also had to find the perfect green dress and accompanying yellow heels to wear with my gown, a task that took far longer than it should have, because I am an amazingly stubborn person when I know exactly what I want. This is also why I made my own graduation announcements.

 -Parties. And, uh, subsequent hangovers. My friend Ashley is moving to the great North (i.e. Shreveport), so to send her off in style, we had Baton Rouge and New Orleans parties. There was a "gay robots" themed party and I threw a "naughtical" themed one on Cinco de Mayo (that Ashley and I both totally crapped out on dressing up for--we tied on bandannas, called ourselves swabbies and left it at that). At both parties, I consumed more alcohol than was, shall we say, strictly necessary. Like, maybe there were 3 margaritas, a 6 pack of beer, a bottle of wine, and two mint juleps put away on Cinco de Mayo. Maybe I yelled at Richie for making margaritas from my dreamsicles. Maybe those margaritas were delicious. Maybe my mother's eyes almost fell out of her head when I recited the above list. I'm also in the midst of planning my mom a 50th surprise birthday party. And a bachelorette party that, I've been instructed, must include "mudriding, shooting guns, and the Hustler club." Speaking of...

 -Wedding. My dear, darling Nancy is getting married. Nancy isn't really good at weddings. Since I'm Maid of Honor, it's fallen on me to do a fair bit of wedding planning. And to tell Nancy a wedding dress is ugly and "looks like one dress ate another one" (much to the bridal consultant's chagrin). And yelling at Nancy to schedule the goddamned caterer. But not-so-secretly, I can't wait. Nancy events are always fun events and this one involves booze, second-lining and dresses.

 -Festivals. Blues Festival! Strawberry Festival! French Quarter Fest! Earth Day! April was a festive month, y'all.

-Teef. I went to the dentist to get a cleaning and ended up finding out that I had some between-the-teeth cavities. $370 dollars (just typing that makes me want to puke) and 3 visits later, my teeth are pristine again. And still rockin a crossbite, because people with perfect teeth freak me out, I like my crossbite, and please see the cost of dental work.

 -Home Renovation. I decided to turn my old computer desk into a liquor cabinet. But moving it out of my bedroom meant I could finally move my other desk out of the hall into my bedroom. Then I had empty space in the hall for bookshelves. Then I got a new couch. So, basically, I moved my entire apartment around. I also cleaned the hell out of it and got rid of enough stuff to have my own garage sale (happening soon!) I even painted furniture. Spring cleaning, indeed.

 -Work. I can't really talk about it right now (or maybe ever. Talking about work in a public forum makes me nervous), but work has gotten pretty hectic. Plus working in the midst of all the partying, shoving furniture, and dentisting put the kibosh on my extra blog time.

 So, the tl;dr version: Life has been busy, yo. I'm hoping to move the blog to its new home this month, but if it doesn't happen, I'll still try and keep it updated. You know, more than once a month.

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