Monday, January 23, 2012

eff r.p.

(a discussion about the article Let's Be Clear, Ron Paul Fucking Sucks. Here Are 20 Reasons Why)

Ravi: "People weren't dying from bad drugs before we had the FDA," he has said, "I mean, it just didn't happen."
not to mention the whole "we didn't have drugs being developed then like they are now" thing
and the fact that the creation of the FDA was more about food issues.
somebody needs to read their upton sinclair
god. ron paul is such a FUCKING IDIOT. I hate it when people are all "oh he's so smart, he's awesome!"
Ravi: i honestly don't know much about him
and admittedly he does seem like an alright guy when we're talking about conservative picks
but as that article says, on the surface
Me: no. no he doesn't.
yeah, maybe on the surface
ron paul is about individual liberties to the detriment of the country
and not even really individual ones. just states' rights
Ravi: it seems he's completely inconsistent on them though
Me: which is pretty idiotic, because letting each state make its own laws does not a "united' states make.
Ravi: "And he wants to end birthright citizenship, which says you're an American citizen if you were born in America, whether or not your parents were citizens themselves."
so does he want the Native Americans to kick everyone out?
Me: one wonders.
seriously, I cannot stand him.
Ravi: "You're probably getting the impression by now that Ron Paul thinks that pretty much everything the federal government does is unconstitutional. That's because Ron Paul thinks that pretty much everything the federal government does is unconstitutional."
Me: it makes me see red when people defend him
my favorite is that he is a fucking doctor, a man who practices science
and he doesn't believe in evolution
Ravi: i think there are plenty of those
in my experience anyway
i guess they think they're god's healers or some shit
Me: yeah there are. and it still baffles me see disease. you see evolution on THE MOST BASIC LEVEL
it just makes me want to punch myself repeatedly in the face
Ravi: but you forget
AIDS is god's work
sent to punish sinners
Me: what about the flu?
Ravi: that's why it has magical mutation powers
Me: what about staph?
Ravi: god hates birds and pigs
Me: what about mrsa?
what about antibiotic-resistant disease?
Ravi: ok, god hates lots of things

Me: on another note:
R**** F*******:
Rick Santorum's fundraising campaign is really called "C.U.M."?
Conservatives Unite Moneybomb | Rick Santorum For President

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