Monday, September 27, 2010

sleepless long nights/that is what my youth was for

Things I did this weekend:
Roger DAT!
-Went flying in a private plane (a 1970's Beechcraft Bonanza) with some of my ex-co workers. In doing this, I also went to some unfamiliar New Orleans neighborhoods.
-Had breakfast in Jackson Square.
-Snuggled on Marla and tried to assuage my fears that she might die.
-Baked a batch of my favorite cookies, adding coconut and golden raisins, which made them even better.
-Smothered some okra.
-Applied for and got a (non-paying) contributer's gig at the blog I'll be writing bi-weekly articles about volunteering in New Orleans, adjusting to the city and awesome things that the youth of NOLA are doing. Exciting!
-Read a whole bunch of Plato and wrote a slammin' paper on rhetoric in the Gorgias.
-Put off a bunch of other reading.
-Tried to troubleshoot my parents' computer issues before getting frustrated and telling them to turn it off, because they don't listen to me anyway and download oodles of stuff that slows the already ancient hard drive to a crawl.
-Ate too many of the aforementioned cookies.
-Finally downloaded Feist's "The Reminder"
-Anxiously refreshed the Saints vs. Falcons box score on 3 different websites and got pretty sad about the Saints losing in overtime.
-Planned my outfit for tomorrow's interview (this top in "new vineyard", a black A-line skirt and some modest black heels.)
-Put off ironing that skirt and shaving my legs, reasoning that these things are better done the day of anyway.
-Decided to stop fooling myself about completing my correspondence course, after finally figuring out that I wouldn't be penalized for not finishing it. I wasn't able to get a second extension and completing it by the deadline would just be impossible. It's just not feasible. I'm mad at myself for wasting the money, but also just to a point where I can't be too angry because I've already moved beyond it being a realistic goal. Maybe it's something I will revisit when I have more time, but jury's out on that still.
-Discovered Tulane allots a week's vacation for Mardi Gras, in addition to a (admittedly shortened) spring break.
-Trimmed my bangs, after determining that they look terrible in all pictures taken of me in the last month. (see above photo for a particularly egregious offense)

Things I will do this week:
-Complete this week's reading list:
*Dangerous Liaisons (no real rush on this, since my teacher could care less if we've actually done the readings)
*Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism (I plan to skim this 76 page document and obtain necessary information to complete the midterm for the above class)
*Gospel of Mark (same parenthetical as above)
*Frederic Jameson- from The Political Unconsciousness
*Raymond Williams- "Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory"
*Raymond Williams- "Charlotte and Emily Bronte" (I'm to give a 20 minute oral presentation on this paper this Thursday, complete with a handout)
*Dorothy van Ghent- "On Wuthering Heights" (already read--just skimming in order to effectively answer any comparison questions that may come my way during the presentation)
*William Goetz- "Genealogy and Incest in Wuthering Heights" (same skimming process)
-Go to tomorrow's interview and be awesome.
-Submit my "About Me" to
-Work on my presentation
-Get a Tulane ID card (I keep finding reasons to put off doing this)
-Do some research into volunteer opportunities to write about (thinking about something on Hollygrove Market
-Work on my take home midterm.
-Snuggle Marla
-Make a new massive reading list.

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